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Proprietor: Iranian Association for Sociology of Education

Chairman: bijan zare

Editor in chief:  Homa Zanjani Zadeh

Assistant Editor: Aboutaleb Seadatee Shamir

Executive Manager: yasamin  Zahmatkesh

Collaboration, literacy edition:

yasamin  Zahmatkesh

Pagination: Meysam Mohammadi

Editorial Board

Farhang Ershad: Professor of sociology department, Shahid Chamran university of Ahvaz

Hassan Asadzadeh: Associate professor of Educational Psychology, Allame Tabataba'i University.

Khadijeh Abolmali: Associate professor of Educational Psychology. Azad university of Rodehen

Sosan Bastani: Associate professor of social science department Azahra University

Hossein Jafari Sani: Associate professor of curriculum and educational Management, Ferdosi university of Mashhad

Homa Zanjani zadeh: Associate professor of social science department, Ferdosi university of Mashhad

Mohamad Reza Keramati: Associate professor of curriculum and educational Management, Tehran University

Nematollah Mosapour: Associate professor of curriculum department, Farhanghiyan University

Seyed Ziae Hashemi: Associate professor of sociology department, Tehran University

Aboutaleb seadatee shair: Assistant professor of educational psyshology, Azad university, science & research branch, Tehran, Iran

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