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The Iranian  Journal of Educational  sociology (IJES) publishes top research in the area of educational and social sciences which seeks to be applied in a variety of educational contexts, formal and informal, and involving different education levels and people of all ages. The articles published in IJE deal with educational and social and Interdisciplinary problems that are relevant for the education communities, and their contributions serve as scientific tools to improve school education and education in general in relation to processes and outcomes. The second objective of IJE is the publication of theoretical works that advance the literature in educational and social sciences, opening new lines of research in the field. IJES publishes articles that, from a variety of perspectives and methods, deepen in the understanding of the processes, tools, contexts, and outcomes of school and non-school learning. The aim of the Journal of Sociology of Education is to provide an intellectual environment for national and international researchers to discuss their latest findings in the social, legal, educational and psychological fields. Therefore, it is hoped that this publication will improve the situation of this field in Iran and the world and provide solutions to theoretical and practical problems facing this field. To achieve this goal, we encourage researchers to submit authoritative and unpublished articles to this journal for publication.

This journal publishes authoritative articles in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Educational Sociology
  • Social Issues (Psychology, Management,Philosophy of Education,...)
  • Civil and Social Law of Citizenship
  • Philosophy of education
  • Educational Management

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